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SAMETI is situated at Craignano, Mashobra at a distance of 15 Km from Shimla. It is a newly flourishing institute developed by strengthening Agriculture Extension Training Center of Department of Agriculture H.P.

This institute was initially established in 1953 as Premier Extension Training Center and named as Gram Sevak Training Centre (GSTC). Community Development Programmes were the main focus of training during that period. 

During the year 1991, this centre has been renamed as Agriculture Extension Training Centre with a mandate for started long duration training for Agriculture Extension Workers.

On 27th Jan 2000 this Institute was upgraded to State Agricultural Management and Extension Training Institute (SAMETI) and registered under Societies Registration Act 1860 XXI with the technical and financial assistance of World Bank aided Project i.e., National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP) which is presently known as National Mission on Agriculture Extension and Technology (NAMET).

Conducts training on Participatory Extension Management, Project Management, Watershed Management, Organic farming management, Farm Women Empowerment, Human Resource Management, Input Management, Quality control, Subhash Palekar Natural Farming (SPNF), Marketing Management and Information Technology etc.

Organizes Induction courses and capacity building programmes for Senior & Middle level officers of Agriculture and allied departments.

Organizes workshops on emerging issues in Agriculture development and provides consultancy for preparation of Strategic Research & Extension Plans. Institute is having good infrastructure for conducting trainings having well equipped teaching aids & proper boarding lodging facilities

The institute catered to the training requirements of extension functionaries since last twenty three years. The Mandate and training modules changed as per the need of the day and the institute developed with the passage of time. The whole period can be briefly divided into following phases:

Achievements of SAMETI HP in the year 2022-23
Department of Agriculture

During 2022-23, the 10 training programmes were conducted for Agriculture Development Officer, Vetrinary Officer, Horticulture Development Officer, BTM, ATM, ATMA fuctionaries and progressive farmers. Around 251 participants were trained including 140 male and 111 female and 890 man days were covered. The trainings were imparted on following areas.

Sr. No. Title of Course Category of participants Number of participants Man days
1 Office Procedure and Record Keeping C.P. & Accounts 14 42
2 e- Marketing (e-NAM) BTM/ABTM 19 57
3 Stress Management BTT Members 23 69
4 Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITK’s) VO/HDO/ADO/AEO/BTM/ATM 22 66
5 Induction course for BTM/ATM BTM/ATM 56 336
6 Group Mobilization and Team Building BTM/ATM 25 50
7 Women Empowerment and Extension Skills Women Farmers 22 44
8 Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurial Skills at FTC Dharamshala Women Farmers 30 120
9 Office Procedure and Record keeping ATMA Functionaries 14 28
10 Stress Management 2023 at FTC Dharamshala BTM/ATM 26 78




Department of Agriculture

The department of Agriculture has sponsored the 7 No’s. of trainings on Product branding, digital transfer of subsidies, conduct rule & financial procedures, women empowerment & extension skills and fertilizer quality control. The United Nations has declared 2023 the International Year of Millets to raise awareness about millets. Keeping in view, a practical training on Preparation of Millets Recipes was also organized for both women agriculture officers and progressive women farmers, to make them master trainer for conducting the training on millet recipes. Ten days Training cum Orientation Induction programme was also organized for the newly recruited ADO’s. In these training programmes 180 officers/officials/ministerial staff and farmers were trained. The detail of training is given above.

Agriculture Department Training
Sr. No. Title of Course Category of participants Number of participants Man days
1 Product Branding Agri. Ext. Officer 26 78
2 Training Programme on Digital transfer of subsidies Agriculture Ministerial Staff 27 54
3 Training Programme on Conduct Rule and Financial Procedures Ministerial Staff 19 57
4 Training Programme on Women Empowerment and Extension Skills Agri. Extension Officers 11 44
5 Training Programme on Preparation of Recipes of Millets Agri. Officers and Progressive Farmers 36 108
6 Training programme cum Orientation induction course for Newly recruited ADOs ADOs 17 170
7 Fertilizer Quality Control Agri. Officers 44 132




HP Crop Diversification Promotion Project (JICA)

HP Crop Diversification Promotion Project (JICA) also sponsored the two training progamme for their staff at SAMETI. The 66 officers have participated in this one day workshop/ training programme.

Other Department Sponsored Courses/ Trainings

The SAMETI in collaboration with MANAGE Hydrabad has organized 4 trainings through virtual and offline mode for the officers of agriculture and allied departments. In these trainings 149 officers/ officials were trained on natural farming techniques, leadership skill and extension management and farmer producer organization. The Training for Consultants of PK3Y was organized to know the impact of natural farming (PK3Y) and evaluated its benefits for farming community.

In spite of this, 61 Training programmes on natural farming in collaboration with MANAGE Hydrabad were conducted for Gram Panchyat Pradhan of the state; in which 3615 participants were trained through virtual mode.
Sr. No. Name of Training Mode of Training No. of Participants No. of Man days Categories of participants
1 Natural Farming at FTC Dharamshala Online 14 56 Extension Officers
2 Farmer Survey- Enumerator training for PK3Y Impact Evaluation Offline 36 36 Consultants
3 Leadership Skills and Extension Management Online 50 200 ADO, VO, HDO, Scientist from SAU’s and candidates from out of state
4 Farmer Producer Organization (FPOs) Online 49 147 ADO, VO, HDO, and candidates from out of state




Skill Development of rural Youth is a flagship scheme of the Government. The Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Govt. of India, in compliance with National Policy on Skill Development & Entrepreneurship 2015, has taken the initiative to implement the skill development component, namely Skill Development of Rural Youth (STRY) under Sub Mission on Agricultural Extension (SMAE) of National Mission on Agricultural Extension & Technology (NMAET) during 2015-16 and remaining period of XII Plan. STRY is aimed at imparting skill based training to rural youth on agri- based vocational areas in agriculture and allied areas to promote employment of rural area and creation of skilled manpower. National institute of Agriculture Extension Management (MANAGE), Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare at national level coordinates through SAMETI to implement this scheme. During 2022-23 Five no’s. of trainings has been conducted on IPM, Subhash Palekar Natural Farming, Production of biocontrol pests and Organic farming. STRY programme has been conducted in 5 Districts. This year the department of Horticulture & Animal Husbandry have been conducted 5 & 2 nos. of trainings respectively.

STRY Training Progamme organized during 2022-23
Sr. No. District Training Area In collaboration with Department No. of Participants
1 Chamba Integrated Pest Management in crops Agriculture 28
2 Chamba Subhash Palekar Natural Farming Agriculture 15
3 Chamba Subhash Palekar Natural Farming Agriculture 15
4 Sirmour Post- harvest processing and packaging of fruits and vegetables Horticulture 20
5 Shimla Orchard Management and maintenance Horticulture 15
6 Kangra Production of biocontrol pests Agriculture 15
7 Kangra Post-harvest processing and packaging of fruits & vegetables Horticulture 28
8 Sirmour Feed and fodder management Animal Husbandary 24
9 Kangra Organic Farming Agriculture 15
10 Sirmour Rearing of improved breed and rearing of cattle and management Animal Husbandary 24

Himachal Pradesh Council for Science, Technology & Environment (HIMCOSTE) Shimla in collaboration with National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM) New Delhi has organized three days training programme for engineering staff of different department of HP including HPPWD, Jal Shakti, HIMUDA, Town and Country Planning, Rural Development , Municipal Corporation, Education and DDMA on “Safe Hill Area Development” w.e.f 15-17 June 2022. In this three days training 49 engineers were trained in the programme.

Horticulture Department & Green Innovation Centre (GIZ)

Department of Horticulture & GIZ have sponsored 22 nos. of trainings at SAMETI during 2022-23. The Himachal Pradesh Horticulture Development Project has conducted trainings for their Engineering staff, FPC member & officers/officials of horticulture department on various subjects. Trainings on Digital Transfer of Subsidies, Climate Change & Agriculture, Quality Control of Inputs, Women empowerment & extension skills, Sustainable Issues on IPM and ICT in Agriculture for Officer and ministerial staff of the department.

Sr. No. Name of Training Category of Participants Date No. of Participants No. of Man Days
1 Training for FPC members of HPHDP FPC Members 5 May 2022 26 26
2 Training for FPC members of HPHDP FPC Members 6 May 2022 31 31
3 Office Procedure & record Keeping SMS,HDO 18-20 May 2022 13 39
4 Orientation workshop for newly recruited engineering staff under HPHDP JE’s 21 May 2022 27 27
5 Water Users Association (WUA) under HPHDP Members of WUA 3-4 June 2022 23 46
6 Water Users Association (WUA) under HPHDP Members of WUA 11-12 June 2022 31 62
7 Water Users Association (WUA) under HPHDP Members of WUA 20-21 June 2022 33 66
8 Water Users Association (WUA) under HPHDP Members of WUA 27-28 June 2022 24 48
9 Water Users Association (WUA) under HPHDP Members of WUA 29-30 June 2022 21 42
10 Water Users Association (WUA) under HPHDP Members of WUA 1-2 July 2022 14 28
11 Water Users Association (WUA) under HPHDP Members of WUA 4-5 July 2022 31 62
12 Water Users Association (WUA) under HPHDP Members of WUA 7-8 July 2022 32 64
13 Digital Transfer of Subsidies Ministerial Staff 17-18 Aug.2022 18 36
14 Climate Change & Agriculture HDO,AHDO,HEO 12-14 Sept. 14 42
15 Quality Control of Inputs HDO,AHDO,HEO 15-17 Sept. 10 30
16 Women empowerment & extension skills HEO’s 27-30 Sept.23 13 52
17 Sustainable Issues on IPM HDO’s 7-8 February 2023 13 26
18 ICT in Agriculture Ministerial Staff 7-9 Feb. 2023 14 42
19 Master trainers under HPHDP SMS,HDO 22-25 Feb.2023 14 196
20 Pollination Management (GIZ) Farmers 4 March 2023 35 35
21 Pollination Management (GIZ) HDO’s 5 March 2023 24 24
22 Pollination Management (GIZ) HDO’s 7 March 2023 21 21

The four days workshop/ training for Subject Matter Specialist and Horticulture Department Officer were also organized under HPHDP to promote them as a “Master Trainer” in the field. The Hon’able Horticulture Minister of Government of Himachal Pradesh Sh. Jagat Singh Negi has presided over the progamme. The Green Innovation Centre, Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) a German agency for International Cooperation in collaboration with department of Horticulture organized three training on Pollination Management for farmers , SMS and HDO’s of the department to facilitate them about the latest developments in Pollination Management in temperate fruits.

Department of Animal Husbandry

Department of Animal Husbandry conducted three number programmes on Inventory of Medicine/Semen straw through AgiSAC in which 54 veterinary officers were trained and also a mega workshop was organized for Senior level veterinary officers addressed by Sh. Rakesh Kanwar Secretary of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry to the Govt. of Himachal Pradesh.


Himachal Pradesh State Agriculture Marketing Board also conducted a training progamme for its employees (auction recorder, DEO and Lab assistant) on electronic National Agricultural marketing w.e.f 23-24 June 2022. In this two days training 52 participants were trained in the programme.

Ayush Vibhag

The department of Ayurveda or AYUSH Vibhag organized 5 number of Induction training programme for newly recruited Ayurvedic Pharmacy Officer (APO’s). In these trainings, 252 pharmacy officer were trained and 504 training days were generated

Sr. No. Name of training Category of Participants Date No. of Participants No. of Man Days
1 Induction training programme for Newly recrited Ayurvedic Pharmacy Officer (APO’s). Ayurvedic Pharmacy Officer (APO’s). 21th -22th Nov 2022 49 98
2 Induction training programme for Newly recrited Ayurvedic Pharmacy Officer (APO’s). Ayurvedic Pharmacy Officer (APO’s). 23th -24th Nov 2022 50 100
3 Induction training programme for Newly recrited Ayurvedic Pharmacy Officer (APO’s). Ayurvedic Pharmacy Officer (APO’s). 25th -26th Nov 2023 52 104
4 Induction training programme for Newly recrited Ayurvedic Pharmacy Officer (APO’s). Ayurvedic Pharmacy Officer (APO’s). 28th -29th Nov 2023 51 102
5 Induction training programme for Newly recrited Ayurvedic Pharmacy Officer (APO’s). Ayurvedic Pharmacy Officer (APO’s). 30th Nov.-1st Dec 2022 50 100



EEI Nilokeri Haryana

SAMETI in collaboration with Extension Training Institute Nilokheri, Haryana has organized a training programme on Motivational & Decision Making Skills for Agriculture Development Officers and Veterinary Officers.The main objective of this training was to inculcate motivational & Decision making Skills to the extension personnel. So,that they can be able to take appropriate and efficient decisions in their respective fields. The 23 nos. of participants were trained during the training programme.

Punjab Agriculture Department

The Chief Agriculture office (CAO) Patiala (Punjab) sponsored a training programme for their official viz. Agriculture Development Officer, Assistant Agriculture Development Officer (AADO) Agriculture Extension Officer (AEO) on Crop Diversification. In this two days training programme 20 participants were trained.

Samagra Shiksha H.P.

Samagra Shiksha HP has organized a five days trainings workshop for their teaching staff or teacher at secondary level. The 15 no. of participants have attended this programme. In this workshop recent developments in teaching tools and methodology were discussed.

Rural Development Department

Rural development department has also organized training for the Gram Panchyat Pradhans on watershed and livelihood. During this training, concept of watershed and a detail guideline of WDC-PMKSY2.0, role of panchyat in execution of works and livelihood, microenterprises were discussed.

Diploma in Agricultural Extension Services for Input Dealers (DAESI)

The National Institute of Agriculture Extension Management (MANAGE) had designed a one year diploma course titled “Diploma in Agricultural Extension Services for Input Dealers (DAESI)” which imparts relevant and location –specific agricultural education to equip these input dealers with sufficient knowledge to transform them in to para extension professionals so as to enable them to address the day- to day problems being faced by the farmers at field level. DAESI has been designed in such a way that the input dealer can pursue the programme without adversely affecting his day to day business. The programme is spread over a period of 48 weeks, with 40 calssroom sessions and 8 field visits. These all sessions are conducting on Sunday. The National Institute of Agriculture Extension Management (MANAGE) has started this programme through active involvement of SAMETI’s. During 2022-23 five batch of input dealers has been started in district Kangra with 40 participants.

Success story Documentation

A success story shows Extension making a difference in people’s lives. More than a list of events or activities, it describes a positive change and shows how that change benefits the people. 

Why write success stories? 

  • To show accountability for public funds.  

  • To verify that we are using resources to make a positive difference in people’s lives.  

  • To share successes so individuals in and out of Extension can learn from our results.  

  • To spread the word about Extension as a valuable resource.  

  • To show that numbers alone don’t tell the whole story of Extension.  

  • To reflect and learn from our work.  

  • To practice good scholarship.  

In scheme Extension Reforms (ATMA) documentation of success stories is given a great importance and this institute has video documented success stories of five successful farmers. 

  • Five Success stories of farmers on video form have been documented in the year 2022-23 and the same has been distributed to the stakeholders for further dissemination.  

  • The videos of the Success Stories documented are available on the SAMETI website www.sametihp.com which can be viewed any time.  

These success stories were covered in Distt Chamba, Kangra and Mandi.


SAMETI is frequently visited by the officers/farmers from various states of the country under various programmes and the inter-state visits under SSEPER schemes. These year the personalities from Ministry Govt. of India and officers & the farmers from the State of Haryana and Punjab visted the SAMETI for exposure visits. 

Key information is also available on SAMETI website www.sametihp.com